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Engage Jim Marker’s Services for Events, Consulting, and Coaching

Jim Marker influences leaders every day through events, consulting, coaching, and resources. He will not only inspire your audience to provide exemplary client service while displaying the highest standards of ethics; he’ll use his professional knowledge and meaningful message to show them how to do it.

Engage Jim Marker for Events

  • Speaking to groups of 8 to 1,000, over 130 times a year, Jim influences messages, and lessons are applicable and customized for your needs.
  • Annual Planning meetings featuring hands-on work with executives and representatives are available for your organization.
  • Corporate Webinars with Jim Marker are monthly, interactive sessions for teaching and motivating change. 100 or more leaders are currently enrolled.
  • Small-Group Facilitation providing monthly, on-site, or webinars with real-time feedback, and timely reporting can get and keep your goals on track.
  • Client Builder Facilitation, based on the One Card System by the One Card Expert, helps improve communication, language, and business skills using proven methods for doing the right things, over time, while building profits.

Fees and Availability

  • In addition to agreed-upon fees, all transportation and lodging fees will be billed.
  • Jim is not available for travel during the first week of each month.

Consulting and Coaching

Having an experienced partner in coaching and mentoring both new and seasoned reps and professionals can be a great asset. Phone and virtual coaching and consulting is a great time saver and cost-effective way to build skills and receive constructive feedback. Gain confidence, direction, and motivation monthly through one-on-one phone calls with Jim Marker.

With training and coaching from Jim, you can break through the barriers of fear, monotony, and rejection. It’s ascience.

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