You can master the building of a financial services practice.

As an individual salesperson or a coach for others in your financial services organization, finding the tools you need for language, systems, motivation, courage, and clarity is hard. Learning how to prospect and how to efficiently turn those scheduled appointments into clients at the right level is critical. After all, success is a process, and in the financial services industry as in all sales, it requires not just competence but mastery of skills and systems.

Jim Marker brings clarity about what to do to be successful in an otherwise difficult, but extremely rewarding career. While maintaining his own successful practice over decades, he has helped thousands of people gain and maintain success in the insurance-based financial industry. And Jim just keeps going. How does he do it? Through events, phone coaching, focus groups, webinars, and skill-building tools through membership. Learn how Jim Marker can help you.

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Services that engage with Jim for events, consulting and coaching.

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Membership with the services of Jim Marker as your mentor.

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Resources for education on language, prospecting, and building a client base.

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With training and coaching from Jim Marker, you can break through the barriers of fear, monotony, and rejection. It’s a science.

Jim Marker: Speaker, Consultant, Coach, and Mentor

  • Speaking to groups of 10 to 1,000 impacting over 5000 sales professionals each year
  • Phone Coaching of 20+ ongoing professionals
  • Focus Groups of monthly Client Builders with 4500 participants annually
  • Corporate Webinars via monthly interactive sessions for teaching and motivating change with over 100 leaders
  • Membership gives access to podcasts and other tools for mastery of skills by your mentor

5 Steps To Creating A Successful Financial Service

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